May 9 Published on May 9, 2012 at 3:54 pm

The National High School Center is pleased to announce our new College and Career Readiness Webpages!

The increased focus on college and career readiness (CCR), combined with the complexity of the challenges associated with the topic, have led to a rapidly expanding CCR community, rich with resources while increasingly complicated. To make sense of the landscape, the National High School Center conducted a scan of organizations that address CCR and identified more than 70 such organizations, including those focused on policy, practice, advocacy, access and research. This work, along with additional research and discussions on CCR, generated the materials found in the Center’s CCR Webpages. These include:

  • Defining College and Career Readiness. In the document, Defining College and Career Readiness: A Resource Guide, the National High School Center synthesized the results of its organization scan and identified major frameworks and definitions that organizations are using to describe CCR.
  • College and Career Development Organizer. Through the scan of organizations, the Center identified three major strands of CCR work and created the College and Career Development Organizer. The organizer is intended to help users traverse the vast CCR landscape, encouraging conversations on each of the three strands and serving as a tool that can support the development of strategies and initiatives to better prepare all students for college and careers.

Additionally, the National High School Center has created a series of tools and briefs to explain and build on the College and Career Development Organizer and provide further insight into this increasingly complicated field of CCR initiatives. Recently released briefs include: College and Career Development Organizer [Brief], Goals and Expectations for College and Career Readiness: What Should Students Know and Be Able to Do?, Pathways and Supports for College and Career Preparation: What Policies, Programs, and Structures Will Help High School Graduates Meet Expectations?, and Outcomes and Measures for College and Career Success: How Do We Know When High School Graduates Meet Expectations?

To discuss this topic further with technical assistance (TA) providers and others working in the CCR field, an invitation-only symposium was held on April 24, 2012, in Washington, DC, to encourage further discussion on College and Career Readiness.  Presentation slides and participant-recommended resources can be found on the symposium webpage.  Video of the presentation is available on the National High School Center’s YouTube channel.

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